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    Private Enterprise  EUROSKÓR  was founded in 1990.
 Since the beginning we specialize in natural leather wholesale. There are mainly cattle,calf and pig leathers , made in Poland, mostly on the demand of shoe industry.
    We sell an amount of 120.000sqm of uppers and more or less the same quantity of shoe linings yearly.
The net of our customers covers first of all central and south part of Poland as well as north area (to a lower degree ).
     Responsibility, reliability and quick reaction to changing demands of customers are our characteristic features. We serve small, family shoe factories as well as larger ones, with employment over one hundred people.
Our high qualified staff fulfil the highest requirements of customers.
     Euroskór is a share-holder of Icar Ltd - an exclusive representative of ICAP - italian producer of tanning chemicals. Due to that we know italian technologies and the most fashionable finishings, which our technicians introduce successfully on domestic market.
     Since 2003 we have begun a cooperation with Italian factory - ACI-INVERUNO ( new name ACSA ), which since 1943 has been a leading producer in the world of shoe finishing products like creams, waxes and others. You can find more details in our OFFER.
      We also cooperate with some italian firms  dealing with shoe linings, mainly pig, but also goat and cattle ones. Euroskór is their distributor in Poland.
       All the time we are looking for suppliers of  shoe leathers for uppers.
Dear Visitor - we would welcome the opportunity to cooperate and serve you
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